famous trains, train films, railway stations

famous trains, train films, railway stations

Trains changed the world in 19th century with the introduction of steam locomotives - before that the carts pulled by horses were the main source of mass transport, not only cargos, but also passengers. The first railways were shock to the people, but this was just the beginning, soon the tracks begun to change the environment and the steam-powered trains became part of the landscape. But trains and railways were just the part of the new world - the new form of transportation required a lot of infrastructure that were not seen before: tunnels, overpasses, crossings, train stations, junctions.

Miraumont train station  train station

Miraumont train station


Miraumont is a small community in northern France, in Somme district (population 710 in 2006). On the photo the train station on the line Paris - Lille in 1900 when the station was opened. Unfortunate......

Detmold train station  train station

Detmold train station


Train station in German city Detmold in North Rhine-Westphalia opened in 1880. Although drastically modernized in 2006 the station kept the original style and architecture. The main 2-stories high bui......

Cabin view Warsaw East - Gdynia Main train videos

Cabin view Warsaw East - Gdynia Main


Almost 3-hours-long video with cabin view in Polish train between Warsaw East (Warszawa Wschodnia) and Gdynia Main (Gdynia Glowna) on Baltic Sea coast - over 300 kilometers.......

Sierra Leone National Railway Museum  train museum

Sierra Leone National Railway Museum

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone National Railway Museum is located in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone, near the docks where Railway Works at Clinetown were located. Sierra Leone Government Railway ceased to run train ......

Morristown train station  train station

Morristown train station

United States

Morristown train station is listed in National Register of Historic Places station located in Morristown, New Jersey, 32 miles west of New York City on the Morristown Line that is part of New Jersey T......

Clockwork  1985 trains radio show


1985 United Kingdom

Roebuck, one of the many commuters travelling each day to London, can’t understand why the 8.11 train is always 10 minutes late. One day he just snaps and decides to once and for all find the reason behind it....

Mystery Junction  1951 train movie

Mystery Junction

1951 United Kingdom

Detective stories writer Larry Gordon travels on the night train and meets an elderly woman, who is fan of his. Sudden scream outside of the train window starts a chain of events that will put Gordon’s skills to the test....

The Lady Vanishes  1938 train movie

The Lady Vanishes

1938 United Kingdom

Avalanches put the railways into halt, passengers of one of the trains are stuck in mountain village. When they finally can leave the place elderly woman vanishes into the thin air, which starts a chain of events aboard the train....

Ticket to Ride 2004 trains game

Ticket to Ride

2004 United Kingdom

Board game that was later adapted into several local versions and computer game - Ticket to Tide is train-themed game of strategy and planning....

Train Station Simulator 2017 trains game

Train Station Simulator

2017 United States

Indie game that concentrates on often overlooked in games aspect of railways - the infrastructure on the passenger terminals - from planning the entrances and ticket booths to linking to city transit....

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